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Shill Podcast - Sacreligiousity

Show Notes

0:00 The Shill Podcast complaint line

1:08 Doug opens the show, tips a wee dram to the great Robbie Burns and  compares Shill to a pubescent prank involving fecal matter. Dave isn’t quite awake yet.

2:11 A comment from Sally Goetsch (rhymes with something) puzzles Doug and fails to make an impression on Dave. Moving on.

3:10 The Pope launches a YouTube Channel and Doug accuses Dave of being an osmotic Catholic, Dave blames his family.

5:00 Dave compares the Pope to President Obama at least on YouTube and the Shill Research Department has taken inauguration year off again.

6:30 Doug and Dave discuss the consistency of the Papacy by allowing comments (like prayers) to disappear into the ether. Doug asks about Blogma and Dave proves the audiences suspicions by admitting he knows nothing.

7:35 Dave breaks it down and wonders why Vatican content isn’t going viral, only to answer his own question: they turned the viral switch to off.

8:51 In a grand display of contradiction Doug and Dave start to actually figure out that the Vatican may have some legitimate reasons for their choices. Dave shameless crowbars in a client reference.

10:30 Doug and Dave agree that YouTube commenters have roughly the intellectual capacity of slime moulds.

12:00 Doug speaks as a Catholic (which he isn’t) and marvels at how nice it would be to preached at by his laptop rather than schlepping to the Church. Dave stops just short of calling Doug a “moran” by pointing out that mass has been on TV for years.

13:20 God has His own .com address.

13:50 Doug calls an early close to Shill. Dave threatens the audience with more frequent episodes of Shill.

14:45 Dave closes the show with an unintelligible comparison of podcasts to Catholic mass.

16:28 Rasta Doug erupts on the offbeat and Dave smacks him down by calling him a glory-hounding drummer at the end of the show.

And like a urethral swab, Shill is over quickly, with excruciating pain, and leaves you uncomfortable for a few days.


I Want To Hear What You Have To Say” by the Subways via the Podsafe Music Network.


Let David and Doug know how dumb they are at shillpodcast@gmail.com or visit the blog at shillpodcast.com

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