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Currently, I'm VP, Social Media at Critical Mass.  I'm based in Toronto.


While I'll get in to professional topics here, it's worth remembering everything posted is my personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of my employer or its clients.

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Facebook growth around the world [infographic]

Facebook's "rolling thunder revue" continues as the 600-million strong social network is fast becoming the globe's dominant social network as the graph below from ComScore demonstrates.  Countries that have leaned towards other social networks such as Orkut, Hi-5, Bebo, RenRen, etc. have obviously fallen for Facebook's siren song as they have support for 70+ languages...including Pirate. Seriously.

There will always probably be some regional, cultural and geo-political reasons for multiple social networks to exist, but I'd be foolish to bet against the Facebook juggernaut losing any steam as the social software of choice for planet earth.  Hey, they rolled over Friendster and MySpace in North America long before your grandmother started her profile.  How can your great-aunt in Hungary resist?


Chart: comScore_Facebook Global Growth

Photos: iStockphoto
comScore_Facebook Global Growth
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"Civilination: taking a stand for civil digital discourse." Is this necessary?

I don't really like rules and I'm not much for people telling me that there's a certain way I need to behave.  I'm fairly capable of making my own decisions...or at least living with the consequences.

So, organizations like Civilination leave me feeling ambivalent.  Their mission:

"to foster an online culture where every person can freely participate in a democratic, open, rational and truth-based exchange of ideas and information, without fear or threat of being the target of unwarranted abuse, harassment, or lies."

They seem a bit like government programs where the aim is to legislate common sense or kindness or respect.  I applaud the effort, but I get a flash of Orwell even though the intentions are admirable.

Maybe you think I'm a misanthrope.  Maybe you think I'm a heartless jerk.  Maybe you think I'm an asshole and want to tell me that with an anonymous comment.  I'm prepared for all of those reactions and feel quite ready to handle them all, which is why I feel that Civilination is a bit overwrought.