I'm Dave Jones and you're reading my personal blog.  I started as a PR guy in 1991 and have been involved with social media's intersection with Marketing & PR since 2005. 



Currently, I'm VP, Social Media at Critical Mass.  I'm based in Toronto.


While I'll get in to professional topics here, it's worth remembering everything posted is my personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of my employer or its clients.

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POV: The opportunity for big brands on LinkedIn

In the Critical Mass social team's latest POV, the team has put together an insightful and useful document outlining the opportunity for big brands on LinkedIn as the "professional social network" continues to introduce new functionality for company pages, an evolving paid ecosystem and a useful API.

If you've looked past LinkedIn to focus on Facebook and Twitter over the years (like I had), this POV will give you an up-to-date perspective on how to approach LinkedIn for your brand and give you the roadmap to explore the space and build a strategy that makes sense.

As always, feedback and alternate viewpoints are welcome.

Coincinding with this whitepaper, Critical Mass will be hosting a panel discussion with LinkedIn as part of Social Media Week in Chicago on September 23.  As of writing, there are still a few spots left for this session featuring CM's Daniel Honigman and LinkedIn's Ryan Walker.

The embedded deck may be a little small to read on screen, so either hit the full screen button or download the document as a PDF.


POV: Google+ for Brands

It's been 18 months since Google Plus launched Pages and many brands have been tentatively exploring Google's fledgling and enigmatic social network. Many have had great success, while others are still confused as to why they would build yet another social presence beyond what they've accomplished on Facebook and Twitter.

In short, determining how Google+ fits into a brand's growing social ecosystem can be a challenge for even the most seasoned social marketer. In this Critical Mass POV, our social media team reviews the most interesting features and benefits to brands using Google+ Pages, outlines some great use-cases and offers some guidance on how your brand may want to approach Google+ now and in the future.